Home invasion zombie thriller Hobbes House to start shooting this month

hobbes-poster2smallZombie Project Ltd has joined forces with producer/director Juliane Block (8 Remains, 3 Lives) on British independent horror thriller Hobbes House.

Starring Mhairi Calvey (Abduct, Eden Grey), Kevin Leslie (Rise & Fall of the Krays), Makenna Guyler (King of Crime) and Waleed Elgadi (A Hologram for a King), the three-week shoot commences Feb 17 in locations around Bristol, UK.

The films follows down-on-her-luck Jane Dormant (Calvey) who travels to a remote estate to attend a reading of her grandmother’s will. She’s hoping for a live saving inheritance but then so is her estranged half-sister (Guyler), who has travelled with her lover (Leslie) in tow.

When a storm cuts the estate off and a horde of blood thirsty zombies invade, the brewing family tensions have to be put to one side.

Hobbes banner no title

Juliane Block said today: “I started my film career in 1999 with Zombie make-up. I’m so thrilled, now, after 20 years to return to my roots, and to shoot an entire feature on British soil, one of the greatest countries for Indie horror films!”

Hobbes House is produced by Juliane Block, Mhairi Calvey, Paul Dudbridge, Wolf-Peter Arand and executive produced by Malcom Winter and Monika Gergelova. Jodie Gibson (Kill Kane, Valley of the Demon), heads up the SFX make-up team.

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